Read ALL rules before joining! While the Administration will make every effort to allow the community to handle community issues and reports, tickets will be investigated and handled at the Administration's discretion on a case-by-case basis. Admin say is final.

To submit a help ticket or report, join our Discord and navigate to the Support channel section.


This includes ESP usage, aim botting, using third party utilities of any kind to gain an unfair advantage. Players found to be cheating by the admins will be immediately banned without exception.

DO NOT BLOCK ARTIFACTS or spam structures

You may not build near or directly around an artifact. Structures will be wiped if found. Do not spam foundations or pillars.

No racism, use of racial slurs. . . . .

.. . . .Homophobic, or culturally derogatory language. This includes, but is not limited to, chat and art on signs. Absolutely zero-tolerance will be exercised for this behavior.


Those who join for the sole purpose of making others’ experience miserable will not be welcomed. Admins will act on a case by case basis.


You can cage a player for a maximum of 4 hours. The timer starts the moment you do so, regardless if the player is online or offline. You may also cage a player for the duration of an active raid.

Avoid back-to-back raiding...

Continually raiding or griefing a tribe or player and inhibiting their ability to play or rebuild is in violation of the ‘No Toxic Behavior’ rule. Counter-raiding or retaliating to a recent raid would be an exception. Communicate with your tribe members/alliance to ensure you are all on the same page with your engagements.

No full base wipes...

Purposeful total foundation wiping of a base, especially without provocation, falls within the confounds of toxic behavior and goes against the spirit of fair and competitive gameplay we wish to have on Elysium. Try to leave something for those being raided to come back to. 

Note: This rule does not protect small bases/outposts/spawn huts that are vulnerable to major c4 splash damage

avoid unnecessary passive killing...

 Ark demands a significant time investment to tame, breed, or otherwise raise and develop good dinos. Raiders may tranq passives to check a dino’s inventory, but the intentional,  excessive killing of passives will result in a ban.

Note: this rule does not protect tames caught in the blast radius or splash damage of raiding tools (rockets, c4, etc). To prevent accidents, we suggest players move high-valued passive dinos away from vulnerable base positions.

Respect entity limits & no spamming

Exceeding structure entity limits to inhibit use of C4 or other raiding materials on your base is forbidden.

Do not spam structures beyond the vicinity of your base.

Traps & Resource spawns...

Taming traps built around resource spawns must be removed after use. Building with intention to block resource spawns will result in removal of all structures belonging to that tribe/player.

No meshing

Do not build outside of intended build areas/mesh holes. Regular checks will be performed and the discovery of said structures will result in an immediate ban of all tribe members associated with discovered structures.

No blocking...

Do not build in a manner that blocks access to the following:

-City Terminals
-Map Spawns
-Drop spawns


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